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AMD Opteron ™ 64-bit supported OS and Software Information

In an effort to keep you informed of current and future AMD Opteron ™ 64-bit software, OS, and applications, available and upcoming, we have developed this area of our website. Please check back regularly for updates and new information.

MigraTEC™ Launches 64Express For The Upcoming Eighth-Generation AMD Opteron™ and AMD Athlon™ Processors

64Express Dramatically Reduces the Risk, Time and Cost of 32-bit to 64-bit Migration Projects

DALLAS -- July 16, 2002 -- MigraTEC (OTCBB: MIGR) has launched 64Express™ for the upcoming eighth-generation AMD Opteron™ and AMD Athlon™ processors. MigraTEC’s automated migration solution helps customers move their enterprise applications to platforms based on AMD’s x86-64 architecture.


Based on patented core technologies, 64Express automates the migration of C and C++-based Linux® 32-bit applications to the upcoming eighth-generation AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon processor-based platforms, allowing developers to focus on more value-added activities, such as re-architecting, tuning and optimization, rather than on the repetitive, manual effort of porting code from 32-bit to 64-bit.


MigraTEC also plans to support migrations of Windows® 32-bit applications to 64-bit on the x86-64 architecture-based platforms upon release of the 64-bit editions of Windows.


“The upcoming eighth-generation AMD processor technology will help jumpstart the shift to standards-based 64-bit technologies in the enterprise,” said Wes Blair, vice president of sales and marketing, MigraTEC. "64Express is the only automated migration solution currently available for ISVs and enterprises preparing to migrate their 32-bit applications to support the upcoming AMD Opteron processor’s 64-bit capabilities.”


AMD's forthcoming AMD Opteron processor is based on the company's eighth generation processor core, which includes the x86-64 technology. This technology provides native support for today’s 32-bit software as well as support for 64-bit architecture that provides the flexibility, scalability and performance many enterprise applications require.


“AMD and MigraTEC have a shared goal of helping enterprises preserve their investments in 32-bit applications while providing a seamless migration path 64-bit computing,” said Rich Heye, vice president platform engineering and infrastructure, Computation Products Group, AMD. “MigraTEC’s 64Express will help customers adopt 64-bit AMD processor-based platforms by providing an efficient and reliable migration path.”


Information about MigraTEC (pdf)

Information about 64Express (pdf)

MySQL Database Available for New AMD64 Architecture

SEATTLE, Wash. -- May 20, 2003 --MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced that the MySQL™ database has been optimized for the AMD Opteron™ processor, continued here....

SuSE Linux to support AMD's x86-64 technology

64-bit Operating System for AMD's future "Hammer" Family of Processors SuSE Linux AG, one of the world's leading providers of the Linux operating system, announced today that their Linux operating system will offer full 64-bit support for AMD's "Hammer" family of processors. CONTINUED HERE.....

AMD Announces Beta Availability of IBM DB2 Database Software Running SuSE Linux For Upcoming AMD Opteron™ Processors

NEW YORK -- January 22, 2003 --At LinuxWorld, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced beta availability of the 64-bit version of IBM's DB2 Universal Database software for servers based on the upcoming AMD Opteron™ processor. A demonstration of DB2 database software running on the SuSE Linux operating system with AMD Opteron processors will be featured at the AMD LinuxWorld booth. CONTINUED HERE.....


Download the beta version here

Microsoft announces 64-bit AMD Opteron Support

REDMOND, Wash. -- April 9, 2003 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced it is developing native 64-bit versions of its Windows® XP and Windows Server (TM) 2003 operating systems designed to support the upcoming AMD Opteron (TM) and AMD Athlon (TM) 64 processors. CONTINUED HERE.....

Mandrake Linux 9.0 for AMD 64-bit technology is available. 2003-03-13

Altadena, CA and Paris, France; March 14th 2003 -- MandrakeSoft today announced the release of Mandrake Linux 9.0 for Opteron® processors based on AMD 64-bit technology. CONTINUED HERE.....

The following products are also available or soon available optimized for 64-bit operation.

Operating Systems Software Products
  • UnitedLinux Version 1, 32-bit/64-bit, available now
  • Mandrake Linux Corporate Server 2.1, 32-bit/64- bit, available on April 22, 2003
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 8, 32-bit/64-bit, available on April 22 2003
  • NetBSD 64-bit, available on April 22, 2003
  • Beowulf Sycld Operating System, 64-bit, available on April 22, 2003
  • Turbolinux, 64-bit, available on April 22, 2003
  • Red Hat Advanced Server 3.0, 64-bit, date to be announced
  • Windows for AMD64, 64-bit, date to be announced (Windows 2003 for x86-64 Q3/4)
  • FreeBSD, OPENBSD, 64-bit, date to be announced
  • Apache HTTP Server, available now
  • Mental Ray rendering engine, available now
  • MySQL database engine, available on April 22, 2003
  • DB2 by IBM, available in the third quarter 2003
  • Oracle database engine, date to be announced
  • MS IIS web server by Microsoft, date to be announced
  • Terminal Server by Microsoft, date to be announced
  • MS SQL database derver, date to be announced
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