CCSI's Clusteron™ Extreme Density

The CCSI Clusteron has been specifically designed for high density installations. Clusteron racks are just 24” by 24”, taking just 4 square feet of floor space. All connections on a Clusteron node are front accessible, so that racks can be mounted back to back, or against a wall. Far more Clusterons can be installed in a computer room.

The typical 19” rack has outside dimensions of 24” by 36”, for a footprint of 6 square feet. An aisle of at least 36” is needed in front of the racks for removal of a server. Further, standard server racks require rear access to make connections to the ports on the motherboard, so adequate space must be provided behind the rack for the rear door to open fully. Between the rack size itself, and the wide aisles needed front and back, standard racks take up a lot of space.

This shows the layout of a 10 foot by 12 foot room with standard racks. 5 racks can fit in the room, and still provide adequate access space in front and back.

In this Clusteron installation, by mounting the Clusterons back to back, and against the wall, a total of 18 Clusteron racks can be installed in the same 10 foot by 12 foot room – and still provide full access to each server .

The advantages of extreme density are myriad. The cost of square footage

Is applied directly to the space required for the installation. The costs of security and access control are in direct proportion to the square footage covered. Even the cost of air handling ductwork is directly proportional to the space covered. In many cases, an existing installation can be expanded within the same space by switching to Clusterons.